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Seven Reasons Why You Need to Find the Right Virtual Writing Tutor Now

Are you a parent looking for a virtual writing tutor for your child? Dolphin Reading provides highly trained and friendly tutors to help students feel more confident in their writing ability. It's very common for kids to need help with their reading and writing. Almost all children can benefit with working one on one with a virtual writing tutor. Children often need help with their writing. If you feel that your child needs to receive virtual writing lessons, contact us and we'll connect your child with the right tutor to work with.

A good attitude fuels progress!
A good attitude fuels progress!

Why Should You Hire a Virtual Writing Tutor?

A Virtual Writing Tutor from Dolphin Reading is a certified teacher trained to teach reading and writing online, to any student with a reliable internet connection and a desire to learn.

There are several reasons that create the need for a virtual writing tutor.

One: Writing Skills are Crucial in Every Day Life

Everyone writes and it's used as an important social tool, whether it's through email, writing a note to a friend, or following written directions. The ability to write well is important, even if it's for one's own personal use - like writing in a diary.

Writing is practical in every day use and lets you express your thoughts with people from all over the world. Writing skills are crucial for everyone when thinking about communicating well with others.

Two: Good Writing Skills Allow Your Child To Provide a Clear Message

When your child learns to write strong sentences and paragraphs, they are acquiring the tools they need to communicate effectively through written words. Writing assignments and working with a tutor helps your child to learn to write clear and compelling messages. This carries through to other school work, like book reports, assignments, and essays.

Three: Good Writing Techniques Help Your Child to Develop Deeper Thinking

An online writing tutor will help your child to practice with organizing their thoughts on paper. A story consists of a beginning, middle, and end and your child can practice with creating an outline and then filling in details later. In addition, older children who write opinion essays have to learn how to back up their thoughts with supporting statements.

What are some struggles that we hear parents say when searching for a Writing Tutor for their child?

  • My child struggles to write coherently in a given time.
  • My child finds it difficult to organize her thoughts and then write it down
  • My child struggles when it comes to descriptive writing and cannot go beyond 2 - 3 lines

At Dolphin Reading, our students learn techniques for effective writing. The process is enjoyable and helps our students to use their knowledge of the lesson topic without wasting time. Improving writing skills also helps with improving speaking skills.

Why Choose Dolphin Reading

The teachers at Dolphin Reading are trained to teach your child at their level in a friendly and nurturing way. This helps every student grow into a better writer.

Contact Us Today to Know More

We make sure that every student receives the right level of writing lessons that he/she needs. If you need a virtual writing tutor for your child, feel free to contact us today and we will be more than glad to offer you notes and guidelines on what you can expect from enrolling your child with us.


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