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Why Does My Child Struggle in Reading?

I can’t believe we are halfway through October already. Where does the time go? I hope everyone’s kids are off to a great school year. I’ve been working hard in my school building. Covid set many kids back in their reading, and never, ever in my teaching career have I seen so many kids that are struggling in reading and are two to three levels behind in reading. It’s difficult to determine if these children have a learning disability or if it is truly Covid related. Thankfully, progress is being made. It’s slow and steady, but progress is progress.

This leads me to the following question: Why do some kids struggle with reading?

According to many experts, the answers vary. Some kids do have learning disabilities like dyslexia or processing disorders. Others struggle because they have received poor reading instruction, and others have difficulty because they come to school without any literacy knowledge.

If you have concerns that your child is struggling in reading, here are some things to look for which will help you determine if they do. Children who struggle with reading often have difficulty rhyming, hearing individual sounds, following directions, retelling a story, and sounding out words.

According to many experts, early identification and intervention are crucial. As a parent, it’s your parental right to advocate for your child. Don’t worry about overreacting. Trust your instincts and get your child the help they need. Studies show that children who are not reading fluently by the end of third grade will have difficulty ever catching up. The effects of falling behind in school often lead children to lack confidence and feel like a failure. Therefore, early identification is critical.

As always, reach out if I can help you in any way.

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