Hiring a tutor doesn't have to break the bank. At Dolphin Reading, our goal is to make extra help affordable to all.

Diane Margulis, Founder of Dolphin Reading, a virtual tutoring company for kids K-8

"I believe EVERY child can learn to read."

I’m Diane, the founder of Dolphin Reading. I'm a Reading Interventionist and Orton-Gillingham certified teacher and have twenty plus years experience teaching English literacy to speakers of other languages.

My philosophy is that every child can learn to read, including children with dyslexia. It just takes some kids longer to do so. No two children are the same- and there is no cookie-cutter approach to teaching or learning how to read. I also believe in meeting each child exactly where they are and helping them build on their skills from that entry point which will help build a child's confidence and gain success.

Diane Margulis, Founder of Dolphin Reading
Photo of a mom overlooking her child's virtual reading lesson

Giving Back During a Time of Uncertainty

I really wanted to do something and give back when the Covid Pandemic first hit. I began giving free guided reading lessons to a few kids whose parents I’m friends with on Facebook. I began tutoring late Spring of 2020 after Covid shut down schools across the US. I quickly realized the need for online tutors because I experienced first hand how Covid was affecting everyone.

My sister, who at the time had a first grader, was a typical parent who now needed to take on the job as a teacher for her son in addition to working an extremely demanding job. She asked me to help so I began working on Zoom with her son on a daily basis. Additionally at the time, I began tutoring kids in China. China is not new to online instruction, so I really gained a ton of perspective and a wealth of knowledge to teach effectively in the virtual space.

What Other Parents Are Saying

We are so happy with Diane ! My son is excited to spend time virtually with her, and is always asking for more time after it's over. I've seen a huge improvement in his reading skills. I would highly recommend Diane! She makes learning fun and exciting for kids!

Calling all parents of children who are struggling with reading. My daughter is in third grade. My husband and I have gone through many tutors who we basically were throwing money away, because there was little to no improvement in our daughter's reading. After a free demo with Diane, we knew she was different. Our daughter loved her fun interactive lessons and actually loves her weekly sessions. Diane is wonderful at identifying what your child strengths and weaknesses are and builds a personalized lesson individualized to them. She is affordable, flexible, friendly and most of all effective. Give Diane and Dolphin Reading a try. You won't be disappointed.

We are more than grateful to have found Ms. Diane as a tutor for our little boy. She is kind, patient, funny and goes above and beyond to make sure that he is learning and grasping the content. He really enjoys and looks forward to meeting with Ms. Diane virtually. We highly recommend her, without a doubt.

We began using her as a tutor during the very beginning of the pandemic to supplement the makeshift remote learning our 6 yr old was receiving. We were so happy to work with such an organized, fun and supportive tutor. When school re-opened, well, one would think the easy decision would be to not need this anymore, however, we were so happy with her that we decided to continue having our son work with her. Oh yeah, what made it even easier was the many times our son said how much he looked forward to his tutor time. It was a no brainer. She is a pleasure to work with 🙂

Diane is a great tutor. She’s very patient and helpful. I’m very pleased with her reading service. It has given my daughter a confidence to read aloud. My daughter loves Diane.