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When Should I Be Concerned About My Child’s Reading?

I’ve been a reading teacher in a public school for over twenty years. I’ve worked with hundreds of children throughout the years, and I am happy to say I have never met a child who did not learn how to read. I believe every child learns differently and at his or her own pace. Some kids are natural readers and just ‘get it’,  while other kids don’t. They might need help with decoding because they don’t make the connection between letters and sounds and simply need more time to ‘get it’.

That said, I do believe there comes a time when parents should begin to worry that their child is struggling with reading and needs additional support. According to Steve Truch, founder of The Reading Foundation, kids should be well on their way to fluency by grade two. He further states if children are still struggling in grade two, “Parents need to have a serious look at it.”

Concerned About My Child's Reading - Getting Help

What does this mean, and what can parents do? First and foremost, you know your child, so trust your instincts. Next, ADVOCATE for your child. If you’re not your child’s biggest advocate, then who will be? The first step is to use the resources you already have- your child’s school. Talk to your child’s teacher. Find out what your child is struggling with specifically, and what your child’s teacher is doing to help them.

Next, talk to the school’s principal. Express your concerns and discuss what the school is doing or planning to do to help as well. Schools have interventions in place, so use them. Find out what, if any interventions are in place for your child. Be persistent

Finally, look for outside help. Although schools have interventions, very often it can be a long process to get your child the help they need. This is not the school’s fault, but rather are restrictions put on schools. There are a series of protocols and processes that are state mandated that schools need to follow. Data needs to be collected, and very often this takes months.

If tutoring is a viable option for you and your child/children, then please reach out. Dolphin Reading has helped hundreds of kids across the United States with their reading needs. We have programs in place that fit all types or learners and all budgets. Our teachers are all professionals with years of experience and knowledge about the reading process. Please take a moment to read our reviews.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions you may have!

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